Work-table Wednesday: Ornaments

Been meaning to make this polymer clay ornament for a while (inspired by this link) but was feeling too cheap to buy clear glass ornaments to cover. So when Cindy of Polymer Clay Tutor posted her video about removing the clear coating on said ornaments I wondered if it would remove the paint of the […]

Work-table Wednesday: Steampunk Holiday Ornaments

Lookee!Lookee! The first round of Mini Mad Hatter hats are ready for their bling. Tutorial found here. (seriously cool site there!) Closeup… Map printableĀ . Hand printable. Special surface treatment! Tissue paper, acrylic & oil pastels. Kinda like the mixed media tutorial found here. Now for the blinging!!!

Work-table Wednesday

Something from the table… Well on a different table because Sam’s sewing on my table. LOL! The pirate book charms are done. Wish you could see the “pages” better. Did them a little differently and I’m really happy with how it came out. Can you see the extra bling on my cuff there? Really lovin […]

Work-table Wednesday

Another quickie before we run off to play practice… I am just about beside myself with excitement, Curiosity’s Cabinet has asked to pedal my wares! Woot! Here’s a showing of the options on hand… except those book bead earrings and necklace. Already worn ‘em so gotta keep ‘em… Gotta make another set of those. Maybe […]