Sew much distractions

Yeah, bad pun. It’s early and I’ve only had one cup of coffee. It won’t get any better for a while. My calf is doing well enough for daily activities but definitely not up to testing speed. Tried sparring drills last week and had a bit of a set back. Nothing walking-boot worthy but enough […]

More Sewing!

Oh my! Been a while since I posted. That last sewing jag… in November was great and then I’ve been drawing a lot. But the machine called me back! I MADE MY OWN BRAS!!!!! Finally made time to whip up the last two kits from Christmas. This is the third one. Changes: deepened band. Two […]

Work-table Wednesday

Something from the table… Well on a different table because Sam’s sewing on my table. LOL! The pirate book charms are done. Wish you could see the “pages” better. Did them a little differently and I’m really happy with how it came out. Can you see the extra bling on my cuff there? Really lovin […]

Halloweeny Thoughts

Yep. Already thinking about it…. since the end of January. We take our Halloween preparations very seriously here. If we don’t plan NOW, things just won’t get done in time. The theme is still steampunk. If you’re wondering just what the heck that is, take a look at Wikipedia’s Steampunk page for starters. Here’s what […]