The Runner’s Road Back

To health and hopefully to a more positive mental outlook… I took the first step today. I’m sure Steve will have something to say in the morning. So far, I’m not in any more pain than when I started. 60sec of running alternating with 90sec walking for 20min. At first the walking bits were frustrating […]

Speed Work and a WF diet

*Yawn* Managed to drag myself out of bed this AM to do some speed work. LOL! Makes me laugh to think about me, running and speed. Anyhoo. It goes something like this and is about 4 miles long (starting mile/speed): 4/4 3/5.5 2.5/4.3 2.25/6 1.75/4.3 1.5/6 1/4 Hopefully that makes sense. I’m having trouble typing […]