monday musings

Monday Musings: talents

Wow! January flew by. I’m glad though. January is usually a stressful month. Goal-wise things went very well. Stretching and karate are becoming good habits. Budgeting is… well I’m working on it and getting better. Yearbook is the same. I’m still trying to come up with a good focus topic for the year (dunno why […]

Monday Musings: Karate

Some rather disjointed thoughts here. After last week’s post on this, I thought I had such a clear idea of the “next step”. But now, late Sunday night, I wonder about that thought. And where it went. LOL! Teaching: After Sensei’s comment (Sensei reads my blog, woot!), I thought maybe I had a better track. […]

Monday Musings: Karate

Another alliterated title! Woot! O.o My make-ahead sessions are pretty run-o-the-mill now. Nothing new. Except maybe pressure canning chicken broth. Yeah, exciting eh? So I’ve been thinking this would be a good replacement or at least something to write about until something exciting happens in the make-ahead department. And it will help me tackle some […]