Training Log 4-6 of 24

Week four … or the week I get back to it. Or not. Yeah. Not. But here’s what I did Monday: no practice. Recovering from Sunday Tuesday: hour and a half at dojo. Great naihanchi drill! My ankles hated it. Wednesday: naihanchi drill. Wanshu & Shihonuke x3. Thursday: Dojo testing. Only a few tested this […]

Training Log 3 of 24

OOps! This got queued instead of published… Week three was a weak week. O.o And I didn’t prep this post as the week went along so I am sure I have forgotten much. But here’s what I did Monday: 2 hours in the dojo. Tourney prep and class. Tuesday: History, 2 hours in the dojo […]

Training Log 2 of 24

Same song… second verse! Here’s what I did for  week 2: Monday: 2 hours in the dojo. Tourney prep and class. Focus on back-hand block front-hand strike and control. Hang that kick out there and stick it baybee! Tuesday: Bit o’ history study. 2 hrs in da dojo. Focusing on punching & kicking drills (using […]

Monday Musings: Karate

Another alliterated title! Woot! O.o My make-ahead sessions are pretty run-o-the-mill now. Nothing new. Except maybe pressure canning chicken broth. Yeah, exciting eh? So I’ve been thinking this would be a good replacement or at least something to write about until something exciting happens in the make-ahead department. And it will help me tackle some […]

Karate Class

freewrite style… Worked on hip rotation tonight. I don’t have it quite right. Must practice more! Sensei says it is because women hate to make their butt jiggle. LOL! I don’t think I have a problem with that because at 42… EVERYTHING JIGGLES. Seems to me that it is more my lack of balance at […]