Make ahead Monday

It was a doozy! 25# of tomatoes became 6 jars of sauce. I am really starting to appreciate just how many tomatoes it takes to make a jar! A big bag of apples became 8 jars of sauce and a big container for the fridge. Jess has been eating it with cottage cheese. Pinto beans […]

Make-ahead Monday

All I did… All weekend… Was can… Peaches. A whole bushel. 29 pints total. Peach butter. Spiced peaches. Peaches in syrup. Spent today removing the film of peach syrup that covered the kitchen and rounding up all the fruit flies. O.o – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Make Ahead Monday: Frozen Pizzas

Yay! Another installment of Alliteration Alley. Been subscribing to Skinny Mom’s Kitchen posts and she does these freezer challenges. This week’s was Frozen Pizza. Sunday I gave it a try, makingĀ 4 frozen pizzas and 3 plain crusts. (one broke and will likely be bread sticks later. There were 2 additional pizzas that were tested immediately […]