Still here! Still drawing

I’m still here! Unintentionally took a long break from my easel. Life has me pretty busy. Getting everything in order to start our next homeschooling year. Been sick. Been sewing. Been feeling rather frazzled and crazy… because I haven’t been drawing. So today I sat myself down and drew this… Debating on how to paint […]

Off the easel: True Thomas

Just finished this today! It is a portrait of a friend and awesome storyteller. The link to his website is below the picture there. He’s also here on Facebook. And he’s a published writer too. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about why I draw in order to write this thing called an “artist statement”. It is hard to […]

Diva Challenge 161: In a quandary about Quandary

I think I’ve finally gotten a feel for this tangle! Thank you Laura Harms for this week’s challenge. Gave it a couple of shots below. The left is ink & graphite on watercolor paper; the right is ink and colored pencil on bristol. The one on the right is also going out as a birthday […]

On the Easel

Had a hard time deciding what to paint next after the 29 faces challenge. Decided to do a painting from an old photo of a pretty, iridescent-blue feather J found on our deck. This wood grain is going to take a while. The CarbOthello pastel pencils I got for my birthday are really going to […]

29 Faces Challenge: 27

Sometimes ya just gotta put away the photos and just draw. Portraiture just wasn’t happening for me today. Tried twice. Despair hit. Put the photos away. And breathed. Through my fingers and onto the page. This is the result. Used mostly hard pastels. ‘Cept for the white. It’s super soft. On trusty newsprint. The blueness […]

29 Faces Challenge: 26

Here’s today’s effort in the faces challenge. Re-imagined my pirate pic without the hat. Mostly because I didn’t want to draw it. (lazy artist!) I think the idea to gently curve the imaginary eye-line helped. They visually “feel” right to me anyway. (or at least closer) The nose and chin however… well one’s a tad […]