Monday Musings: talents

Wow! January flew by. I’m glad though. January is usually a stressful month. Goal-wise things went very well. Stretching and karate are becoming good habits. Budgeting is… well I’m working on it and getting better. Yearbook is the same. I’m still trying to come up with a good focus topic for the year (dunno why […]

Frugal Curriculum

I sat down at the time-warping gadget computer to quickly check email and go to bed. That was 10:30 p.m. … it is now midnight. *sigh* But this is so cool!!!!!!!!!! I stumbled upon a new homeschooling related blog called Homeschooling Journey and thier post on Frugal Curriculum. Yeah, I know. Why look at that […]


I’ve been mulling over what kind of activites/lessons to use with Jessie during next year, partly to keep her occupied and partly to take a step toward a more formal education with her. Tonight I think I found the perfect outline that involves shapes, colors, nursery rhyms and beginning word recognition. Brightly Beaming Resources website […]