Monday Musings: talents

Wow! January flew by. I’m glad though. January is usually a stressful month. Goal-wise things went very well. Stretching and karate are becoming good habits. Budgeting is… well I’m working on it and getting better. Yearbook is the same. I’m still trying to come up with a good focus topic for the year (dunno why […]

Work-table Wednesday: Ornaments

Been meaning to make this polymer clay ornament for a while (inspired by this link) but was feeling too cheap to buy clear glass ornaments to cover. So when Cindy of Polymer Clay Tutor posted her video about removing the clear coating on said ornaments I wondered if it would remove the paint of the […]

Work-table Wednesday

Something from the table… Well on a different table because Sam’s sewing on my table. LOL! The pirate book charms are done. Wish you could see the “pages” better. Did them a little differently and I’m really happy with how it came out. Can you see the extra bling on my cuff there? Really lovin […]

Work-table Wednesday

Did a little playing yesterday… “aged” paper using brewed coffee and instant coffee crystals. In the kitchen though. Work table remains piled under a dozen half fonished projects. must fix that. In addition to the coffees, I sprinkled on some salt to get more patterning. I used 140# cold press watercolor paper. I think I […]