My first weapons competition

In my spare time…

I am proud and excited to be a homeschooling SAHM of 2. I love spending time with my kids and learning right along with them. What kind of homeschooler am I? To borrow from Another homeschooling mom … “…too structured for unschooling, not exactly classical, not exactly Charlotte Mason, don’t think textbooks are evil for certain subjects, and make my kids stick to a schedule for schooling.” That’s us.

I am happily married to my best friend. Even after 20 years, that is still true and I am very proud of that fact. :) I am looking forward to many more years together.

Other things I like to do: Karate, drawing, polymer clay, knitting, spinning…

Currently we have 4 pets: Mirage the cat, Kirby the canine, Naina & Sas (leopard geckos)