Diva Challenge: 157

Coming back after all those faces last month with this week’s challenge from Laura Harms. The challenge was  to use the tangle pattern Charlie by Erin Olson. It’s a new one for me. Never used it before. Though in the tile below, I didn’t really use it as much as making it more of a “string” to tangle in.


Tangle Pattern: Charlie as a “string” on Bristol board

I’m not one to do big patches of black… unless I can do them smoothly. And that would  mean getting out the paints. And I didn’t have time for that. Here’s the funny: What time I didn’t spend painting… I spent shading. Sigh.  I obviously found some time somewhere.

Was inspired by several of the challenge participants entries. Particularly in the net looking portion.

Hmmm… looking at it now the dark double-blub on the net is making me think of a butterfly. Hmmm… wouldn’t that be interesting! A hyper realistic butterfly. Maybe a morpho. On a carefully shaded, tangly background. Ooohhh.