New Look! And a challenge

Long time no blog!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you know I’ve been up to this “29 Faces Challenge” thing. It’s really gotten me inspired to do more artwork. (maybe even start selling it!) And got me thinking that I need a more visual blog! So I changed the theme to a more portfolio look and simpler blogging structure. Hope ya like it! I’ll be doing quick posts about the remaining few faces as well as back filling the ones already done.

Here are my favorite of the 29 faces so far:

29 Faces Challenge: 23

29 Faces Challenge: 2429 Faces Challenge: 19

29 Faces Challenge: 20

29 Faces Challenge: 18

If you’ve asked me about getting these as prints mounted on cards with envelopes, those are in the works! I should have them ready by next week. Squeee! Some of these I plan to redo larger on nice watercolor paper too. If you’ve got a particular one you’d like to commission, please let me know!