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Raw Sketchbook Assignment 1

Raw Sketchbook Assignment 1

Wow! January flew by. I’m glad though. January is usually a stressful month.

Goal-wise things went very well. Stretching and karate are becoming good habits. Budgeting is… well I’m working on it and getting better. Yearbook is the same. I’m still trying to come up with a good focus topic for the year (dunno why but I keep going there) and “planning” keeps popping up. Maybe that’s it. I’m sure doing a lot of it!

Homeschool-wise things are well planned. Though I keep staying up too late obsessing researching until it feels right. Or until I find it within budget range. ;) One night while obsessing researching about geography (considering winging it on my own) I sorta had an ephphany. Or rather a “duh” moment. Epiphany sounds too dressed up for someone who spends so much time in sweats. ;) Anyway. The one subject I should be doing from scratch is ART. O.O Duh. We often have not gotten to art cuz I’m obsessing on creating other subjects from scratch. So no more of that! If I can buy an outline or curriculum for another subject, I will. But art… that I’ll create!

Next school year we’re going to be doing art/sketch journals with prompts through out the year. With friends even! Got the idea from this resource. And I might pull in some of Millande’s exercises too. Then at the end of the year maybe we can have a journal party.

Speaking of next school year, I’ve put up what we’re going to be using on the Our Homeschooling page. It isn’t all there yet but its close to being done.

Oh! I posted a bit about this yesterday but those who want an in-depth investigation into their own artistic style… has an online course (free!). She’s a homeschooling mom too! I’ve been working on this and am pretty excited. I’ve never felt like I had a developed artistic style. In doing some of the exercises (gathering works I like) I’m already seeing a pattern for the surreal and the detailed. And flying things. The first surprised me. A surrealist?! Me?!! Mebbe.

Okay. Time to publish this baby. I think I’ve rewritten it 3 times now. Keep getting distracted or wandering off. Every time I got back to it I had forgotten where I was going. LOL!


Edited to add: Of course I just realized that I am creating a half-credit intro to psychology course for Sam. Or trying anyway. Just not finding something that seems workable or that is affordable.  It is a passive interest for him and he needs another half-credit for electives. If you have any suggestions, I’m all ears! Right now I’m looking at using’s Psychology 101 as a basis. The twitter feed has a term of the week, history bites, influential people in the field. Thinking maybe part of the course has him following it and harvesting that info for a binder of sorts.