Work-table Wednesday: Ornaments

Polymer clay covered glass ball ornament

Extruded polymer clay filigree covered glass ornament

Been meaning to make this polymer clay ornament for a while (inspired by this link) but was feeling too cheap to buy clear glass ornaments to cover. So when Cindy of Polymer Clay Tutor posted her video about removing the clear coating on said ornaments I wondered if it would remove the paint of the pre decorated ones. It does!!!

Below are the finished top hat ornaments that I posted about last week. Not the best pics. Sorry. They came out okay. Just okay. The details just aren’t “there” yet. But that’s okay. Will just have to make more. ;) Hrmm… Just realized I didn’t get a front pic of the brown one. But at least you can see the miniature brads in the back of it. :D

Top Hat ornament

Mad Hatter ornament 1

Top Hat ornament

Mad hatter ornament 2

Top Hat ornament

Mad Hatter Ornament 3