Monday Musings: Karate

Me at the Columbia Cup this year.

Some rather disjointed thoughts here. After last week’s post on this, I thought I had such a clear idea of the “next step”. But now, late Sunday night, I wonder about that thought. And where it went. LOL!

Teaching: After Sensei’s comment (Sensei reads my blog, woot!), I thought maybe I had a better track. Hrmmm… something along the lines not “what” but “why”. So “what” would my class be on and “why”… good question. I dunno… yet.

Training: Last week’s class reminded me of a training idea we’d done on a Tuesday, a long while back. Basically kicking (by the part/count) sslloowwllyy over a chair… to make sure you don’t lower you knee. After 18 of those (9 on a side), my hips were screaming! Been doing it every other day since then to see if that will help improve my kicks.