Monday Musings: Karate

Gokyu Certificate

I did it!

Another alliterated title! Woot! O.o

My make-ahead sessions are pretty run-o-the-mill now. Nothing new. Except maybe pressure canning chicken broth. Yeah, exciting eh? ;) So I’ve been thinking this would be a good replacement or at least something to write about until something exciting happens in the make-ahead department. And it will help me tackle some ponderables I’ve been meaning to tackle.

And they’re all about karate tonight.

Passed my gokyu test and I’m halfway to shodan now… eeeeep! So time to buckle down and get to work.  I need a plan! Kinna like what Bob (my wonderful, dashing husband) does for triathlon training. I feel like I’m trying to pin down a river! There are so many things to work on. How do I narrow it down and still get it all??!

I’ve started a spreadsheet and based it the dojo training schedule and some drills we’ve done in class. Going to try it out next week and see how it goes.  I gotta start getting up early to work on some of it too. If I leave it until the evening, it just won’t happen. Been having major motivation issues hoping posting this will help!

Also, One of the things Gokyu rank students are being asked to do now is to be prepared to teach a class from start to finish without help. O.O Our classes are about 90 minutes long. Eep!

So I’ve been thinking: What are some of my favorite skills and drills…

  1. Advanced basics: rather than moving down the floor one skill at a time, several basics are combined. (i.e. zenkutsu dachi gedan uke/ gyakuzuki)
  2. Adding on basics: highest rank in line chooses a basic and whole class does it down and back together. Next person adds a skill and the whole class repeats it. Continuing down the line adding a skill each time. This one can get a little silly at times
  3. 3-point sparring: working in pairs a drill is repeated in both directions 3 times. One person defending (i.e. chudan block). The other attacking (i.e. seikan suki).
  4. Synchronized kata: where the whole class tries to do the same kata at the same time. Harder to do than it sounds but really cool when you do it well.

There are others but those are the four I can think of at the moment and it took me a while to do that! Funny how I have trouble remembering them outside of the dojo.  And of course we have a practice schedule where every two weeks we focus on a particular area.

That’s all far from a whole class but hopefully I can work it in that direction. Hoping typing it out like this will help me get my head around it too.