Tangled Tuesday: Steampunk Henna?

Steampunk Henna

Inspired by henna design... steampunk henna?

Forgive the backtracking… its been a busy week. Just pretend you read this on Tuesday. ;)

This ZIA was inspired by this henna design.  Tentacles! Not sure why but my mind immediately went there.  This is not quite what I had originally envisioned but it is close. Didn’t quite capture the flow-y-ness I like of the inspiration. :-/

Used Suckers by Lizzie Mayne for the tentacles. Will be using it again! Things I learned using this tangle: making the tentacles thicker and slightly curving the lines that intersects the rings make them more dimensional (to my twisted brain anyway).

Other tangles I used: The shell is Galatea by Molussus. The gear is Geer 3 also by Molussus (this one is becoming a habit!). The border is Persian Flower Boarder by Neil Burley.  (or half of it anyway)

The original is much lighter than this scan came out but I like the contrast better in the scan. The pens are microns and the color washes are watercolor using a waterbrush. (cool tool!)

This is almost something I’d consider having tattooed… sans the border… almost. ;)