Tangled Tuesday: Steampunk Beetle #1

Steampunk Beetle #1

Steampunk Beetle #1. A Zentangle Inspired Artist Trading Card.

The one in the middle is the actual card. The other two are the practice runs in my journal. Already working on #2 which when done will be winging its way to Finland! Kinda cool that. There will be more in this series! ;)

This was inspired by tangles from Molussus (this one and this one), Christi Friesen’s Steampunk Beetle tutorial (click here for PDF) and the “june bugs” that are out early this year.¬†Used a teeny-tiny Micron pen in brown to draw it all out. Then used the same only in black to re-draw some details. Colored pencils for shading. Gold and silver gel pens for accent.

Next card will hopefully use watercolor instead of colored pencils. Oooh! Or maybe even a strong tea wash!

Hrm… being that this was inspired by things around me… think I’ll submit it to APR’s Challenge #3. Woot!

Okay. Playtime over. Must listen to J read now…