Work-table Wednesday

Messy work-table

My very messy work-table

This is not quite what I’d planned to have on my table. It was something else entirely but I got carried away and posted the tangled card to my Etsy shop. So it is no longer on my table. O.O Yep. Was excited.  It was going to have friends. But then… I got distracted… er.

Got the hair-brained idea to give ATCs a try at ATCsforAll. You’re right; I do need another hobby! (Quit laughing.) O.o Hoping to get the kids involved too. Think Jessie might be a late joiner once she sees all the “cool” cards Sam and I will be collecting. ;) Yeah. Itsa long shot but whatchyagonnado?

My first swap has an ABC Zentangle theme. I’m going to give using tangles that begin with those letters and incorporate negative space. (coz I like that) This one uses Agua and Antidots. Here’s a closer look at the left one.

First try for Antidots. Like it! Lots of possiblities. Fills any space.

Off to make dinner! WOOOOSHHHHH!!