Tangled Tuesday

Diva's Challenge #61: Golven

My try at the Diva's Challenge #61: Golven

Hi! I am still alive. A 3-day migraine kept me from blogging last week’s Work-table Wednesday. My head feels better but my neck and shoulders are painful to the touch. Dunno what’s up there. Oh well. Life. Moving on…

Here’s my go at the Diva’s Challenge #61: Golven.  I’d been working on reducing down this tangle so masks were on my mind already… originally I wanted to make a polymer clay mask and tangle everything else. That didn’t work out this time so I started trying to find a way to “tangle-ize” how I draw masks and I think I got it! I’m really happy with this one. Not completely, there are things I’ll do differently next time. But purty darn happy regardless.

Really worked on varying line weight and, in the border, I really think it made it pop. The feathers (Featherfall) benefitted too. Hrm. Those are the only two tangles I consciously used… the rest… mask, tiara, pebblybits… I just made up. Cool! Oh, and the mask… do the edge curlyque remind you of swan heads…? (mebbe iz just me)

Ohh! Something else I noticed while I was drawing this. If I consciously breath during the strokes they are much smoother. As in.. breathe in/ draw one direction… breathe out/ draw next direction. I get really tense when I draw and this combats that tension.

Anyhoo. Really had fun with this one. More soon. Wait till you see what’s on my work-table!!!