A Full Day

Today I tried to get out and get as much done as I could. If I’m going to have to live with this pain for a while, I might as well live and get out there.

Took Sam to get his hair cut, stopped by Petco, took us out to lunch, took the kids skating. Afterwhich I was took-ered out. ;)

Came home and got the kids going on their lessons for the afternoon.

Sam is zooming through the first few assignments in Singapore Math 6a. This is his first open foray into Algebra. Though I pointed out to him that he’s really been doing algebra for a while. ;) it is only that no one called it that until now.

Jessie did another sight word lesson. We took time to review yesterday’s words by gluing the paper strips onto a sheet of paper. She remembered all of them. Then she continued drawing new words. Tomorrow I think we’ll do a word building exercise.

All their lessons and chores were finished I’m time for electronics hour. Yay!

By dinnertime I was completely wiped. Thank goodness for homemade soups in the freezer!

My upper back is now in a yelling match with the ruptured disc in my lower back. But meds are all onboard and I’m waiting for them to take effect.

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